Creative Artistic Activity of Robots – Edward Kącki [KSIĄŻKA]


Edward Kącki (born November 12, 1925), is a retired full professor of the Lodz University of Technology, where he organized the ETO (Electronic Computing Technique) Center (1972), the Institute of Computer Science (1980), and the didactic and scientific process in computer science. He is a Honorary Doctor of the Lodz University of Technology. In 19972011 he was the rector of the University of Information Technology, where he organized the Department of Artificial Intelligence and is its honorary rector. Professor Edward Kącki is considered a pioneer of computer science in Poland.The book reveals to the reader the secrets of artistic creative activity, which until recently were the domain of the human mind only. It shows how important in this regard it was the advent of computers and the development of the theory of their programming algorithms. The book presents a lot of specific examples that have occurred in the above-mentioned scope. AUTOR EDWARD KĄCKI TYTUŁ CREATIVE ARTISTIC ACTIVITY OF ROBOTS WYDAWCA POLIGRAF ROK WYDANIA 2021 OPRAWA OPRAWA BROSZUROWA ILOŚĆ STRON 74 EAN 9788381594189 Znajdź podobne według klucza: EDWARD_KĄCKI POLIGRAF (413085)

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