Hard Times


Słowa kluczoweangielskibeletrystyka angielskaliteratura obcojęzycznaSetin fictitious Coketown, England during the Industrial Revolution of the1850s, Dickens wished to expose the enormous gulf between the rich and poor through his writing. In Hard Times, the social and moral purpose ofhis work is at its most evident. Openly ironic and satirical in its tone, Dickens suggests mechanization of society, where the wealthy areruthless and uncharitable towards those less fortunate than themselves.SiblingsLouisa and Tom Gradgrind are raised by their father, harsh and pragmatic educator and his influence means that they go on to lead livesthat are lacking in all areas. Louisa marries the arrogant and greedy Josiah Bounderby, ending in an unhappy pairing and the unfeeling and villainous Tom robs his own brother-in-law′s bank. As their father watches their plight, he realises that his own principles may have led to their downfall.

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