Last Days in Old Europe Penguin Books


In 1979 Richard Bassett set out on a series of adventures in central Europe which allowed him to savour the last embers of the cosmopolitan old Hapsburg lands and gave him a ringside seat at the fall of another ancien regime, that of communist rule. From Trieste to Prague and Vienna to Warsaw, fading aristocrats, charming gangsters, fractious diplomats and glamorous informants provided him with an unexpected counterpoint to the austerities of life along the Iron Curtain, first as a professional musician and then as a foreign correspondent.The book shows us familiar events and places from unusual vantage points: dilapidated mansions and boarding-houses, train carriages and cafes, where the game of espionage between east and west is often set. Music and painting, architecture and landscape, food and wine, friendship and history run through the book. The author is lucky, observant and leans romantically towards the values of an older age. He brilliantly conjures the time, the people he meets, and Mitteleuropa in one of the pivotal decades of its history.ISBN: 9780141979991Kod paskowy: 9780141979991Autorzy: Bassett RichardRok wydania: 2020Kod wydawcy: 30684Liczba stron: 224Oprawa: MiękkaPKWiU: 58.11.1Format: 13.0×20.0cmGłębokość (mm): 13Waga: 0.165Języki: angielskiGrupa towarowa: Książka

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