ProFile 2. Workbook


ProFile teaches students about business and the language of business simultaneously.OverviewThis three-level, topic-based course takes students progressively through the main themes of business. It has a carefully graded language syllabus, systematic practice of all four skills, integrated case-studies, and authentic video interviews on CD-ROM.How can it be used?* As a stand-alone Business English course.* As the core Business English element in a wider-ranging language training programme.Who is it for?* Students who need to use their English to communicate at work.* Students who want to build their knowledge of business as they improve their English.* Students who need to develop their communication skills for future career development.Key features* Clear introduction to business for teachers and students.* Global content and authentic sources.* Integrated video CD-ROM with Students Book.* Progressive language syllabus.* Fluency-driven case-studies (levels 2 and 3).* Complete commercial writing syllabus.

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