Study speaking 2ed


Study Speaking is for intermediate level and above students who need to speak English in connection with their academic work. It is intended primarily for use on language programmes preparing learners of English for study at university or college. The course is designed to improve students speaking skills by: * activating and extending their linguistic competence * increasing their confidence in using spoken English * developing their ability to analyse and evaluate spoken performance * sharpening their strategic competence in face-to-face interaction. Study Speaking is part of a the Study Skills series.ISBN: 9780521533966EAN: 9780521533966Wydawnictwo: Cambridge University PressAutorzy: Anderson Kenneth, Maclean Joan, Lynch TonyRok wydania: 2006Ilość stron: 224Oprawa: miękkaFormat: 19.0×24.0cm

studium szczecin, 24 cechy wysoko wrażliwych osób, uumlaut, profi lingua gdańsk